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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
Oh, I wanted to talk about it and did so. And I voiced my opinion: your mentality toward NHL players is uber-soft and amusing. Per your own words, it is based on dubious medical diagnosis ("I'm not a doctor; I just play one on the internet) and a slave mentality to statistics (Twenty-five minutes of TOI! Oh the horror!) well as a desire for NJD to conform to what is pop-u-lar among other teams and coaches, as opposed to what the coach of this team believes is the best approach.

We know where we both stand.
Missing the point. You did NOT want to talk about it hypothetically and that`s what I pointed out. How is my mentality uber-soft? Because in my opinion there could be some point when we might want to give him a rest? Should I assume there`s literally no way? This clearly isn`t any kind of overreaction, not sure why you have such a desire to make it look like it is.

No I`m not a doctor, but my father is and I talk to them every once in a while/enough to know their insight on this topic. Speculative? Agreed, I have no proof this is what caused him the injury. Dubious? Not so much, there`s a difference between the two. Slave mentality to statistics? How else should I say he was playing too much? Am I saying that`s what we should do just because others do it? No. Don`t put the words in my mouth.

Care to explain the last sentence?

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