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11-18-2011, 02:45 PM
Falco Lombardi
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Name: Dylan
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Hometown St. Louis, MO
Mode of Transportation: Dodge Neon
College Attended/Attending: Ranken Technical College
Job: Computer Technician
How and when you became a Blues fan: Since I can remember
Favorite current Blues player: David Backes, Matt D'Agostini
Favorite all-time Blues player: Pierre Turgeon, Barclay and Bobby Plager
Favorite active non-Blues player: Marty St. Louis, Matt Duchene, Joe Pavelski
Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Super Mario
First Blues Game Attended: I remember going to a game for my birthday where we beat the Canucks by a ridiculous score of like 9-0
Definitive Blues Moment: For me, it's the epic 5-0 3rd period comeback against the Toronto Maple Leafs. I still miss Ken Wilson's OH BABY
Music You Listen To: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Favorite Band(s): Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin
Favorite Movie(s): Big on the Superheroes. First two Spideys and TDK stand out
Favorite Food: Can't top a good burger and fries for me
Favorite TV Show: Almost anything on USA. Burn Notice, White Collar, Pysch, Covert Affairs, Suits

I've read this forums for a couple months, just was a little afraid of getting schooled lol. Consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the Blues, little less so about the rest of the league. I post at STLToday, but the amount of overreacting and name calling gets to be pretty annoying so I came here

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