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11-18-2011, 03:10 PM
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No, no we no call up Henry. He is physical, we might be like Bruins. Goon team. We do not want to be physical we are Montreal Canadien. Flying Frenchmen. We don't need to have tough players like other teams. League will adapt to us. Not other way around. We have more cups than all others. We want only to play positional hockey with little fast guys. Players that no take risks. No entertainment or character on this team please. Henry is not fast guy. We need more Diaz and less Quintal. Throw Yemelin away too. He tries to take bodies. Could get out of position. You see what Blunden do. Throw hit and get in fight and we lose game probably from his actions. Send him away. Not type of fourth liner for my liking. Get big tall Swede in here. He very vanilla and not get out of position.

Not sure why I'm typing this as if the Cookie Monster were dictating it for me but man, the end of the Gauthier/Martin era and philosophy can not come quick enough for me.

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