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11-18-2011, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Zajacs Bowl Cut View Post
I never said he was 100% staying.

also, find me a guy who was RECENTLY named team captain to be traded soon after. I also did not say that captains dont get traded, either.

you tried to make a whole argument against me on things I did not say.
Fair enough, I'll make myself clearer. I don't think that giving a C to a player means anything in this exact situation, apart from the fact, that team management/staff thinks he is a leader and obviously would like him to sign an extension. But it doesn't say anything about PLAYER wanting to stay with the team.

As for trading, I personally don't think that Parise is going to be traded, because as long as he is with them, they can negotiate (and other teams can't). My remark about captains being traded is just to show that things can get different even from the team's point of view, let alone the player's, especially if he is to become one of the most wanted UFA's.
As for you not saying that he stays for sure, true. However you have also been asking whether people have been reading what you wrote. I'd say that we have, it's just that argumentation perhaps hasn't been strong enough for some of us to agree.

For the record I still think that Parise will resign with NJD, but the money will have to be really nice, no big home team discount.

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