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11-18-2011, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Getzo5 View Post
Slave mentality to statistics? How else should I say he was playing too much?
By watching. Both of us do; you see a "clearly gassed" player (Larsson) and one who incurred injury based on too many minutes. I see a rookie looking just fine and a vet star in his prime, being challenged by his coach to deliver more across the ice. Not just put in his computer-dictated 18 minutes, compile offensive stats and go home.

But again, it's not our differing takes on these players tcondition that is the issue. It's the mentality of how to handle players.

Am I saying that`s what we should do just because others do it? No. Don`t put the words in my mouth. Care to explain the last sentence?
No need nor desire to put words in your mouth. For they already exist, which is why I referred to them.

Post #685, in your own words (emphasis added):

Originally Posted by Getzo5 View Post
Worry? No. Play him less and use the time for other two scoring lines that can contribute? Well, yes, that`s what coaches usually do.
I'm not

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