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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
where is this '2nd case' ???

Jan 2010 - the FCC close the terrestrial loophole. case closed.

[meaning CSN Philly from COMCAST and MSG HD from CABLEVISION are no longer able to be withheld after ATT / Verizon / DISH / DTV file petition requests, and if granted and negotiate deals]


June 2011 - Federal Court denied CABLEVISION 's appeal. case closed.

[meaning CABLEVISION had to supply MSG HD.
COMCAST & CSN Philly are not involved, as COMCAST did not appeal, only CABLEVISION ]


Nov 10th, 2011 - FCC denied a review request from CABLEVISION. case closed.

[meaning MSG HD for all, this time giving CABLEVISION a hard date of Nov 25th]

the only ongoing 'case' that we have been able to dig up is

Now, CABLEVISION is trying to appeal to a different court:
Nov 16/2011 - another appeal was filed , this time with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals - a different court than the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington


CABLEVISION [MSG HD channel] and COMCAST [CSN Philly channel] are not related .. except that they were both ordered to no longer withhold their respective channels

show me some 'other' open case. where is it ? are you just referring to CSN / Philly as a '2nd case' ?
there is no news on COMCAST / CSN Philly that we can dig up. last we heard, DTV and Comcast are negotiating, and not in a court case.

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we are tracking the MSG HD issue, as it was also a result of the 2010 loophole closure
The two different cases don't even involve Comcast at all. The two different cases are FCC v. Cablevision (which is the case that the DC Circuit determined that the FCC had the ability to regulate the terrestrial loophole but that it was arbitrary and capricious to declare all withholdings categorically unfair) and Verizon vs. MSG in which, as far as I can tell, the FCC ruled against MSG, then denied review, and now is being appealed to the Second Circuit. These are two separate cases dealing with separate, albeit related issues (one challenging the validity of the rule (FCC v. Cablevision) and one determining whether specific actions are in violation of FCC rules (Verizon v. MSG))

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