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Originally Posted by Canadian91 View Post
Hey guys,

Any advice on this for an entire team? Mine is winless in 4 and 1-9-1 on the year. 1 or 2 more losses and we'll be out of the playoff picture. We only cut 1 skater at tryouts, so we didn't have much to start with, but I still think that we can be around .500. Our problem is that we have too many players who can't focus and aren't playing the way they can.
if this is rec league, and relatively low level, what most people don't realize is that they just need to play harder. i know everyone is out of shape, and tired, and they drank too much last night, and they still need to lose 5 pounds from last thanksgiving, and you've been meaning to practice that sweet curl-and-drag move but didn't wake up in time for the stick-n-puck.

but ultimately, they just need to play a little harder. don't give up on a loose puck. so what if the opponent is a couple of steps ahead, win that puck race in the offensive zone. crash the net and make the other goalie cover it up. that causes offensive zone faceoffs, which create chances and lead to more shots and goals. come back on defense even on a breakaway. i can remember a bunch of times that the other team had a 2-on-none breakaway, that i had no chance of catching, but our goalie would make the save and i was right there to break up any followup chances. that saves goals.

one other thing i personally use, especially when i feel i am not having a good game, i just focus on winning the next shift, or the next 5 minutes, or the current period. who cares about the whole game, or the season, when you are down 5-2 with 3 minutes to go in the second period. just try to win the next 3 minutes.

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