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Originally Posted by RevUpThoseFlyers View Post
him and Richards in LA would be like a movie
Brokeback Mountain 2: The Happy Trail

And getting traded to CBJ most likely sank Carter in his chair when they told him, and as far as screwing him I'm on the fence I believe we're not going to hear what the real legit reasons were to move Jeff and Richie, I understand that wealthy people are still human, but for me getting screwed (refering to a job) is working for a company for 35 years sacrificing yourself for said company and then they lay you off and cut all your benefits, in our country's recent econimic **** storm, I for one don't want to hear about an unhappy athlete who makes millions playing a kids game, when my family scrapes by because of the current economic situation, my mother losing her house of 28 years because her job downsized, now I digress, I would like to apply common sense hear when/if Carter gets traded only time will tell, I'd like to see him man up and hang around, I also want to apologize to Carter himself for allowing his situation to fuel a fire of a harsh opinion from me, I don't know him personally and refuse to pass judgement on him, I hope it works out for him somewhere

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