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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
I used to enjoy Jeromes stories, but so often, all the guy does is take ridiculous sides just to be the unpopular opposition. He really is the stupidest person on Ottawa radio, although Lowell Greens christian fueled racism is a close second. I ****ing hate Jim. He is 100% stupid and 99% of the time, makes no sense because he doesnt even pay attention to the conversation. Given the chance, Id kill him with a shovel.

TGOR adds nothing, not a single thing. Its sports radio...but from 7am to 8am, your lucky to hear anything about sports and more about the local ottawa sun headlines. If I wanted to hear about the bus drivers, Id listen to 580, 1200 is sports. The dirty dozen is so stupid I have literally tossed a clock radio out my bathroom window.

And that stupid Greco segment. Do they still do that? I ****ing HATED that segment. It was just one long commercial where the other guys sit around and **** on Gerco's **** as he finds thousands of ways to say "healthy diet + exercise = his patented key to success".
That and the stupid running show on the weekends? holy ****! Whats next, the stretching show?

Nothing is worse then the dead air also known as Jim Rome. How the hell does that horrible show get syndicated to our part of the planet?

Talk sports guys, its not hard. Senators, fat cats, college and university teams...heck, even do a show on the 67's.

Im so glad I have SIRIUS(you can too, usually for half of advertised).
jim rome is awesome.

seriously he is the only decent sports show around that doesn't talk about hockey which is why it's not popular. obviously i like hockey thats why i'm here but i want to actually hear NFL interviews and ufc interviews something Ottawa shows cannot provide.

he has a pretty decent view on UFC and football he also had a some of the best coverage on the Penn state scandal he is soooo not a crap show.

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