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10-31-2003, 01:03 PM
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Recent RFA signings.

According to, Gaborik has signed a three year, $10 Million deal with Minnesota. I know this will be the most obvious statement of the day, but this should drastically improve the Wild's offense, along with their chances of making it back to the playoffs. The only question is, can he be as effective as he was last year, after missing training camp. Most players can't. The only one I can remember recently is Peter Forsberg, but he is a rare breed.

Also according to, Brian Berard has signed a one year deal worth $2.15 Million, with the Chicago Blackhawks. I think this will be a good fit for Brian. Here's hoping he can continue to improve his play every year, and get even closer to the level he was playing at before the eye injury. I know it was buisness not personal, but does anybody else think Berard got screwed by the Bruins. Instead of going into arbitration the way every other team does, they make their offer a lot higher than it should be, so that he gets awarded a salary that is above what he should make, just so they can turn it down knowing that Berard has to come down a lot to sign with them, because most likely no team will sign him for 80% of what he was awarded, thus giving them complete power. It almost seems like it is against the CBA, which says that players get arbitration rights once they get a certain age, I forget what it is. He basically had no arbitration rights, since the Bruins turned down what he was awarded. What's the point of arbitration if the team can turn it down. It's just like being a young player with no arbitration rights, like Gaborik.

It just seems like the Bruins have no idea how to treat their player's and fans. I hope Chicago made a deal with Berard, and tears up the contract they just signed, so they can sign one for lower. Just seems low class to me, to screw over Berard like that when he didn't even do anything wrong. He missed training camp (which is a big deal) and 10 games already, and for what? It's not like he heldout, he went into arbrtration, thinking he would at least get to have a contract and play. I totatlly understand why Boston fans hate the Bruins Manegement.

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