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11-19-2011, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
but but but... it's not JM's fault, he has nothing to work with.

but but but... it's not management's fault, they have to deal with language/taxes/competitive balance.

some people simply fail to realize that there is a massive difference between excellence, and everything else, and it begins with a mindset. making excuses and rationalizing to feel good about mediocrity are the enemy of excellence... be it in sport or in business.

there is a massive difference between talking about winning, and living it. Our organization hasn't lived it in a long time, and some fans are ok with that.

nothing wrong with being ok with mediocrity, to each their own, I just wish they'd stop lecturing about how to be a "real fan" under the assumption that everyone shares such low ambitions.
People that begin their posts with but,but,but are nothing but condescending instigators ridiculing posters that don't THINK as they do. It has nothing to do with your demanding excellence and the rest of us drinking kool-aid, it has to do with wanting more and providing no realistic way of doing it. One poster said his solution was to change everybody...just like that. Brilliant.

I don't want to start a debate on how to build teams...that's been done on enough threads, but if you so unsatisfied with the team and their direction that's your problem. No need to post here telling the others that don't agree with you that they have low ambitions or are inferior.

This is exactly what Kriss is being accused of doing: a thinly veiled assault on critics AND you come right out with a sarcastic overbearing post showing zero tolerance and a superiority in your comments for critics. This is a clear shot at those that don't agree with the posters that are never happy, the small group of victims on this thread that see an attack in a thread the OP started as a feel good exercise.

The problem is not one of reading comprehension as has been tossed back and forth in this thread but in the interpretation of the words. For some, myself included, I see nothing wrong with Kriss's comments. For others they are convinced that an attack was subtly launched including imbedded mechanisms for plausible deniability. Don't get me wrong, I respect LafleursGuy after a lengthy debate I had with him a while back but that is just too much assumption on his part. It could just be that Kriss made a statement saying "we've dumped on this team with all its injuries since their crappy start but look what they've done in the past 10 games, let's get behind them" It is possible that you have read too much into this simple thread.

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