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Originally Posted by nine_inch_fang View Post
The original stock sales were back in the 30/40s. And have had several since. Usually the money is used for capital improvements to the stadium or maybe to cover signing bonuses. The "stocks" are also a non-voting share which afford the owner of said stock absolutely no rights to any revenue.

Basically people are giving them money for a piece of paper to hang on the wall.
You are correct. I like the Packers, but I am not giving $200 for the piece of paper. If the team is ever sold or dissolved, the money goes to a charity. The best thing about Green Bay is no owner. No Al Davis or Jerry Jones or Art Modell to ruin everything. All the pro leagues require one person to be identified as the team rep to the league. Green Bay has a management committee that hires the GM and/or coach. But they are grandfathered in. The Packers have an owners day when the paper holders get into Lambeau Field for a "meeting". They will get 30 or 40K people for the meeting where they get to listen to the team president talk. Some teams don't get that many fans for a pre-season game!

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