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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
To be honest the criticism they are getting is not unwarranted at all. If we draft better we have a better farm system so when the issues like injury come up we are better suited to deal with it. When you give a guy a 3 year contract at 5.75 a season and he hasn't plyed more than 20 odd games in 2 years then yes management needs to be called out also. When we have guys sitting on the bench that should clearly be on the ice in certain situations and they play someone who hasn't generated so much as a scoring opprotunity in an entire season almost then coaching needs to be looked at also. Can you point out where the criticism is wrong I think not.
Well, our team is decimated by injuries, and yet we still win games, that's depth my friend. When you are winning with Weber-Diaz-Emelin and now St-Denis, without stealing this game, even if it's versus one of the weakest team in the NHL, then you have to give credit where credit is due. We also played without Gomez, Cammy and AK. Guys like DD, MaxPac, Eller and Cole have provided much needed help (Eller and Cole were brought in by Gauthier), you could even mention Palushaj who despite not being a major offensive threat, is playing well as a depth player from the AHL.
Our draft has been good at worst. You can't possibly argue our drafting has been bad considering our positions. You will fail. We have Markov, Campoli, Spacek and Gill all, four regulars, and you're criticizing us of not being able to better deal with our injuries? I think you are being extremely harsh considering our 6-3-1 record despite numerous injurious. Doesn't that tell you we are actually dealing with them well?
You seem to expect perfection, which, sadly, doesn't exist.

As for Markov, I just disagree. He was the best player available, injured or not. It's a risk I would take over, and over again. At the moment of his injury, he was a top 10 D in the NHL, arguably a top 5. He is well worth it. I certainly wouldn't take Ehrhoff over him for 10 years, nor Wiz at his ridiculous price. Is the deal bad? The man has not played one game yet, so it is very difficult to know. I don't care if he takes half the season to rehab, and comes back fine for the remainder of his contract. Time will tell if it was a bad move. You seem to think it was, that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion, just gonna have to agree to disagree. Don't be sensitive like other posters here might be and think I'm trying to tell you it's my way or the highway.

I think our current management gets extra pressure because of past years. How often do we hear we haven't won a thing in 18years, but really, this has nothing to do with Pierre Gauthier. The man has been in place for 2years, so whatever happened before that isn't his fault, and yes that also includes the years here as an assistant GM. I've had assistants and also been assistants in my work life, I can tell you running the show and assisting are two entirely different things.
You might agree or disagree with certain moves, but overall, PG's done a decent job. Decent could turn to good/great if Markov comes back to form. I'm much happier with the team we have today, than the team we had last year, or the year before. That doesn't mean he is free of criticism, certain moves like not re-signing Moore, Hammer, trading Laps, I completely disagree with.

As for Martin utilizing certain players at the wrong time or place, I completely agree. Putting Gomez in the dying seconds was simply retarded. I understand that he probably put him there because he had an 80% winning percentage for faceoffs, but it's kind of useless to win a faceoff if you can't produce much with the puck after. I certainly don't agree with the way he's been using Eller since Gomez's return either.
I can be a little more lenient on him using Gomez on the PP, because our PP has sucked big time, which brings another point, Plek has no business on the point.
So yes, there are plenty of things Martin deserves criticism on. But he also deserves credit for things like leading his team to a SCF, making us finish 6th last year despite horrible injuries. Overall, like his system or not, and yes he does make mistake, but we have a team that is well coached.

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