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11-19-2011, 10:54 AM
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Falling so your neck doesn't snap back

Hi all. First time posted in The Rink.

I just started playing hockey again in September for the first time since high school (five years ago). It's been fantastic. I've been in a women's program, and I do pick-up hockey (coed) too. I got my legs back and I am so glad I started playing once again.

But here's a pretty dumb question. In the women's program, it's non-contact, and that's all fine and good. The coed pick-up is technically described as non-contact, but that's not always the case. There's definitely some shoving, rubbing out into the boards, clutching, grabbing and tripping that goes down. I'm totally fine with that all, after all, I think it's sometimes hard to play without physicality. That said, I've run into problems the last two weeks at pick-up hockey in which I've been tripped or knocked off the puck and landed hard on my butt. The only issue is that my head and neck snap back, preventing my head from hitting the ice, but resulting in a very, very sore and strained neck. I weigh only 130, and everyone else out there is at least about 190, so, that could be part of my issue. I had surgery on my neck a few years back, nothing serious, but I had my thyroid removed and a bunch of lymph nodes, so I guess I'm just sensitive to messing my neck.

I am taken off-guard in these situations, but is there a way to fall on your backside properly to avoid this?

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