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11-19-2011, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
He's not talking about anybody specifically. Every single coach has players who like him, don't care, or don't like him. It's just the nature of the beast.

What I like about JM is how his experience helps him deal with the pressures of coaching in this city. I have said this a few times but he is extremely even keeled. He doesn't get too high after a win or too low after a loss. I think that's really important in this market because if you let emotions get the better of you your decision-making process will suffer.

I also liked the part about getting the best out of your players. Despite certain decisions I have questioned one thing is for sure, the team plays with heart 99% percent of the time. He has the guys believing in his approach and committed to it. The Habs pride themselves on a hard work ethic and it shows. If you read post-game comments from opposition players they often reflect this. "They're a small team but they never quit and use their speed etc".

In this market, where you have to have a bilingual coach, looking at the guy's track record and the consistency of the team and the playoff success its had since his tenure I think he's the right man for the job.

Given the injuries we have and that he is keeping the team in the picture right now I'd say he's doing a good job.

Nice to read something positive about him for once too. I have to say.
But why do we have to have a bilingual coach? Bowman wasn't bilingual I think we should want the best coach for the job not one that speaks both french and english. I mean for example if Bowman was still coaching and JM was coaching and we needed a coach and both were available do we take JM cus he can speak french or Bowman because he is by far the best coach. I would say Bowman as the best candidate over JM.

The article is good and as others have said I think he may be refering to AK and to a lesser extent SK as he was the bigger headcase of the two.

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