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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
There are of course many possible answers, some of which have been given in previous posts. I could think of other possibilities:

1)Loss of the Nordiques + Downward spiral of the Habs: None of the kids drafted in the last few years remember the glory days of hockey in the province, or of the great rivalry between our two teams.

2)Less Q teams in Québec, influx of Euro/Atlantic players on the rosters: I'd be curious to know how many Québec-born players are actually playing in the Q now, compared to 10/20 years ago. Less spots = less players to showcase.

3)The Q is underscouted: This has always been true, but has probably worsened because teams now have a lot more areas to scout. This is anecdotal evidence, but the three Québec-born players playing currently for the habs are undrafted. I think everyone could agree that, regardless of actual talent, undrafted players have a much tougher road to the NHL. Those 7-8-9th round picks from Québec in years past just aren't drafted as much anymore because there are a lot more choices in europe or in the US, where most of the scouts are.

4)Continuing obsession with "size" and "grit": Québec for some reason doesn't focus on that kind of player, which is not such a bad thing for me but might be for scouts.
You should realize that the draft has only seven rounds. However, there are more undrafted free agents. As for the players with size and grit and less natural talent, they need more coaching and more oportunity to play. However, the development program in Québec doesn't provide enough teams, facilities, competent coaches, and equipment.

Québec has one indisputable asset: a climate that favors outdoor skating. That's lacking in many parts of the US, but investing in indoor arenas helps compensate. There's no getting away from the fact that Hockey Québec is a disgrace. The inferiority of the program influences NHL teams to send their scouts where hockey is taken more seriously. It's not prejudice, it's wiser utilization of resources.

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