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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
I really don't get the hate on Markov. The guy has played amazing for the Habs, has been one of our best player for years, he has bad luck with injuries... I understand this is business, but the right move was to support him through his recovery. He CAN be a good defenseman again, and I wouldn't count against him being one of the best defenseman again.

A lot of people writing him off so soon (and saying some pretty nasty things, in my opinion) will probably (most likely, in my opinion) look like complete idiots in a few weeks.

I'm not fond of his contract. But I'm glad he's with the team. I'm really looking forward to his return.

And for Christ's sake... Don't get started with Wiz's. The guy got an awful, AWFUL contract. I'm way happier with Markov's even if he's not playing. I'd rather wager on his return than be stuck with Wisniewski's 6-years contract. We already have enough bad contracts as it is. Worst case, at least Markov comes off the books in 3 years, maybe earlier if he has to retire. Wiz is definitely not worth his salary, and certainly not for that many years. People are making him out to be a lot better than he actually was just because they're looking at excuses to bash on Gauthier or Markov. What he brings to the team is basically the same as Weber. He's a meh defenseman in his own zone, with a great shot to support the PP. It's not like he was even that physical. He's not the kind of guy you should build your PP around because he needs someone to pass him the puck.
The answer is pretty easy. They are bandwagon fans, who have been only following the team for a year or two and are clueless.

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