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11-19-2011, 02:48 PM
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Tons of problems created by Hockey Quebec and all that stuff we already know. Yet, it is NOT a reason to completely overlook the local talent. It's not like you HAVE to draft 25 local players each draft. You have usually 7 draft picks to go with. And Habs will probably go with 1 or 2 Q players....You don't need an incredible need 1 or 2 potential good players PER YEAR.....not the end of the world and totally feasable if you do your homework. There were a lot of countries who were overlook at one point and yet teams that had their open mind and were first over there, were able to gradually pick the players they wanted before other teams started to wake up and pick over there as well. We have the chance to do that in our own backyard. Be aware of what's going on and pick up the unknown treasures. Why not? This is the Habs we are talking about. Drafting and picking up UFA's SHOULD be our #1 priority and we should be ahead of others based on the fact that we should have plenty of ressources and money to do so. We can't use it on signing players and have a 100 M$ salary structure, so spend it on draft and development throught great people, trips and all.

It is a big time slump in Quebec. Just like the Habs not winning the Cup since 18 years now. Are you actually giving up on the Habs? So why should we give up on Quebec hockey?

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