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11-19-2011, 03:58 PM
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Markov HAD to be signed. Totally agree with Kriss E on this. He was at that point the only logical choice injured or not 'cause at one point, they had to know that he could comeback from that injury. It's not like they knew he wouldn't comeback and just signed him so he retired for us.

Now, how they build THE rest of that D will having to sign Markov is a total different story. You do have a Subban and a Gorges on your lineup any day of the week. But you DON'T have another 5 composed of Spacek, Gill, Emelin, Weber and Diaz with an uncertain future Markov had at that time. Made no sense. You don't sign Wiz? So be it. Hamrlik HAD to be signed and don't give me the 2-year freakin stupidity I keep reading here. We've given 100 years for nothing in the past 5 years, it's not 1 more year who would have changed something. Yet, after they realized that the last 5 were problematic they went and did sign Campoli. Though better than what we have, which at one point says a lot based on the fact that the guy was NOT signed by any of the 30 teams in the last week of September, I will not believe he was better than a Hamrlik though better than some of the others.

In resume, yes to Markov. But yes to a better overall cast. Yes to Emelin as your #7 'cause that's what it is unless you want him to go back. No to Diaz and even him was ready to go down. And Weber, well if you don't have the confidence in him to play him ON D, trade him D'Agostini style. I'm sure his value is good. And I'm absolutely POSITIVE that based on our last trades, there will be a Habs factor. Teams will take a chance on a Habs based on the fact that a lot have rebounded elsewhere. And they can all recognize Weber potential. And Gill, well I was glad he was in but would have most definately prefered Hamrlik. I think I was more glad Gill was in based on his off-ice presence than on-ice.

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