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11-19-2011, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Did you forget the sarcasm smiley?

None of those things are true or even relevant except that Reimer is a goalie playing in the NHL.

Gardiner is two years older than Erixon and Erixon has already been a top defenseman in a men's league; the second or third best league in the world. I think we invited Gardiner to our camp a few years ago. Id put my money on him not being anything special.

Colborne is two years older than Thomas and is still only having a great start to a season in the AHL. How is that worlds ahead? Thomas is actually WORLDS AHEAD of where Colborne was at the SAME AGE.

Again, a completely irrelevant comparison. It's like saying Gaborik is "worlds better" than Nugent Hopkins because he has soooo many more points!!

Kadri being a better prospect than Kreider is arguable at best. Kreider has better speed and size. The hands are comparable, but Kadri doesnt seem like he has much hockey sense and is a me me me player. I dont think many people would take Kadri over Kreider right now. Oh, and guess what. Kadri is a year older than Kreider. Anyone notice a trend here?

Just because Toronto's superstar better than Lundqvist MONSTER goalie completely sucks and they had no choice but to give Reimer the reigns doesn't mean that he's any better than Cam Talbot. It's not because talbot isn't good enough that he's not in the NHL right now. It's because we actually have two other world class goalies.
I didn't realize we invited Anaheim's draft pick to our camp a few years ago. What a strange occurrence! Jake Gardiner is less than a year older than Tim Erixon. Do you know who we're talking about here?

I tend not to look at prospect's potential when comparing them. I look at where they are right now. When looking at a prospect on his own, his potential is important. But far more prospects, no matter the potential, level off at 19 years old than don't. Right now, as far as I'm concerned, Colborne is a better prospect to have in the system than Thomas. That could easily change. This is not a comparison that I would make out of the blue. They're both the #2 forward in the respective top 5s, and that's the only reason I made the comparison.

The Kadri/Kreider thing is more easily debatable, so we'll leave that one alone.

Reimer has been given the reigns partially by default, but he's also done very well with those reigns so I'm not sure where it matters that he got them by default or not. He still earned the spot coming into this year and he's something that the Rangers absolutely do not have in their system.

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