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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
If that's the threshold for being a "contender" then being a "contender" is a pretty meaningless criteria. Then the Blues were contenders for what, 30 straight years? Might as well just call it top 53 percent.

I'm guessing management is fine with that though, as long as they keep making the playoffs and filling the building why mess with a good thing. Who knows what'll happen, we're a contender!

Would be nice if they just acknowledged that they don't really give a **** about what happens in the playoffs as long as we're a "contender" (which is what keeping Bruce is really all about) and told him to go back to having them cheat on offense and play run and gun and make the regular season more fun to watch than the half assed dump and chasefest we have right now.
I'm aware of the Blues run. I watched them too. The Caps and Blues are exactly the same. A history of regular season success and playoff failure. It happens in sports. I don't like not having a championship, but to not make the playoffs all together is worse. As long as we make the playoffs, the team has a chance. I was pissed as anyone else during their flops in the playoffs, but I still continue to support the team. Constantly rambling about BB, players, etc doesn't change anything. The bottom line is, GMGM and Ted aren't going to do what most fans want and yes I agree, Ted is perfectly happy with just making the playoffs. Do I believe this current team will make it past the first or second round? Of course I don't, but I hope. This team needs more tenacity on defense and get rid of the deer in the headlights defensive play, imo to get to the final dance.

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