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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Calm the hell down, it's not your money. It's not even the Molsons' money, Markov's getting insurance money.

Knee injuries are devastating and freak accidents, you really don't get that do you?

You Markov bashers make the fanbase look bad and bi-polar. Shut the hell up until he's back on the ice.
Ya cus I have not dealt with the best surgeons around and had 9 knee operations to date I forgot that thanks for reminding me lol. Once a knee has been damaged like his has it is never and will never be the same and can be re injured stepping out of a shower simple as that. Before you start with the your surgeon must have been horrible I will end that discussion and tell you I have had the same surgeon that did Stevie Ys knee and the big Es and Hacketts knee just so you know. I attend the Fowler Kennedy clinic up at UWO for all my work. I don't care who is paying him our management signed him to this stupid deal that is my issue. I mean come on that long off the ice and we give him 5.75 a year for the next 3 seriously I want some of what they are smokin cus it must be damn good. I stand by my assesment that if he was truly wanting to come in and prove himself and we were keen on signing him sign him to a year at the alloted rate I suggested I know it may have been more but a year gives us a decent baseline to see where he is at then re sign him after that to some additional years it isn't rocket science and I am sure if Marky is sincere about being here he would have agreed.

Originally Posted by jonas2244 View Post
If you'd have offered him 1-1.5 he'd be gone and probably play somewhere else. 5.75 for 3 years is a risk, but I think it's worth it.
If it was 5.75 OVER three years rather than per season I could see that but not at a per season rate it just seems silly honestly.

Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
Yeah that's not highly likely. And why do you feel like i was talking about you ?
LOL @ you calling me a fairweather fan too funny. I have followed the HABS since the 60s so I dare say anything but fairweather or bandwagon fans silly comments when you know nothing about the person you comment on.

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