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11-19-2011, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
They have similar personalities in the way they conduct business. Quiet, professional, but to me PG has already shown a slightly more aggressive, proactive approach with the ability to identify weaknesses and address them without sacrificing the future.

There are similarities, but they are different. In the end, BG was in charge of the decisions made while he was GM, end of. Any amount of speculation won't change that. I rarely here other teams fans lump the decision making on the assistant. Some people hire people they trust to tell them the truth and say how the feel whether or not their opinions may vary widely. They respect each other and are friends, that doesn't mean they wouldn't voice their displeasure or be critical of each others decisions.

I don't see them as being one of the same. I like what PG is doing and already see things that I didn't with Bob Gainey. The truth is PG hasn't had enough to show us what he is capable of and has done a job well enough to warrant a continuation of his plan. Will see where it takes us. If he proves he isn't up to the job, he can be replaced, but were nowhere near that point yet.
Again, what you're saying is what I said as far as who the GM in place is. Gauthier has his approach, Gainey also. But if they wouldn't share the same philosophy, they wouldn't stick together professionnally as friends they could be. And while Gauthier does seem more proactive, I will choose to believe that if his right-hand man, like it was the case for Gainey, was totally against it, he would not have made the move.

At the time of the Gomez deal, Gauthier was in charge of pro scouting. And was Gainey's right hand man. Do we seriously believe that Gainey went AGAINST Gauthier's opinion as a pro-scout AND as an assistant that going after Gomez was a terrible decision? As as matter of fact, I see Gauthier having way more say in Gainey's decisions than the contrary based on Gauthier's background. I would not see Gainey having any type of say in a Moore's decision for example. It's Gauthier who might have had more chances to see him over the years.

What you are saying, I would see it more as Gauthier-Gainey VERSUS a guy like Timmins for example. Those guys are still tied together, but there's already A LOT of proofs that Timmins didn't like the decisions that were taken, like the Grabovski deal as well as the McDonagh-Gomez deal. 'Cause the deal is they let Timmins work his magic at the draft table, and they take care of the development stages even if Trevor has that supposed "development" title in his resume. Which in that case only means that Timmins is in charge of the bootcamps, hiring of pro coaches during those camps and all.....But it's not Timmins who developped there in the AHL and NHL.

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