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11-19-2011, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I think it's probably three things.

1) Quebec has had a bif influx of immigrants. That's true of Ontario & BC but we've increased our population despite the mass exodus of native born Canadians if I'm permitted to call them that. A big immigrant to native ratio. Also, most immigrants are from Francophone countries (Haiti, North Africa) not exactly countries with a history in hockey. Give it a generation or two for the kids to pick up the sport. Alberta, Sask & Manitoba has immigrants bit a lot of them are either Canadians from other provinces or Americans.

2) Many Quebec kids are exploring other sports. Look at the CFL. I think 4 coaches - GMs are from Quebec. that was never the case. Also, Quebec has become a power in short track speed skating.

3) Hockey Quebec.
This point is perhaps the biggest reason. I was born in Quebec but my parents are immigrants. They signed me up to sports (soccer and basketball) when I was young, but never hockey. The fact of the matter is most immigrant families will not be able to / willing to pay the large amount of money required to equip and sign up their child to ice hockey.

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