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11-19-2011, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Vineon View Post
You still aren't factoring in cost of life and the actual services offered by the higher taxes, for example auto insurance and daycare. While the Québécois do pay more taxes, you have to remember that an Ontarian family in comparison will pay for the same services, except to private companies.

Just saying.
Here are tons of statistics showing Quebec has higher than average unemployment, lower wealth, lower economic participation, etc.

By the way, I mentioned the lower housing costs in my first post.

Anecdotally, my sons best friends' family lived in government housing in Toronto, their mom worked a minimum wage job, and the father was handicapped, but the son played hockey, lacrosse, etc., now he is in university. The boy got a "sponsor" to pay for his activities. It can be done, even when you have no money.

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