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11-19-2011, 11:46 PM
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Just A Lifelong Fans Opinion

First off...does anyone think getting rid of Konopka was a bad move? I mean I know he wasn't a scorer but he seemed to be a leader, especially to the younger've heard that from every team he has ever played for..Martin loved him and he was a good voice in the locker room and would do anything to not let his team get embarrassed not to mention a good pk/face off guy..(mod edit)

now, I am not looking to upset anyone, nor get into a heated debate..this is just my opinion.. I am as frustrated as all of you..have been a fan since the teams first season..moved away from the Island in early 90's and still follow the team (I get MSG)...the thing is in tonights game I can fault the players for lack of effort BUT, I also have to realize something..with the exception of Tavares, maybe Grabner and Moulson (if he plays like last year) NO ONE on this team would be a top 2 line player on any other fact alot would struggle to be a 3rd liner and most would be in the I can't fault these players when they are trying and lose..and in alot of these losses the players were probably doing their best but, lets face it, they just arent good enough..most of these guys could help other teams as role players, but here they are expected to be the CORE of this team..(mod edit)

with the exception of Streit most of the D would be a 5 or 6 or even 7th d-man on most teams..and goaltending, well, I will let that speak for itself..we have 3 backups as potential starters all the time..(mod edit)

its a shame that I feel the same need to bash the players game in and game out as a lot of us do..but I am now starting to feel like they may be giving us all they have most nights (no NOT tonight vs. Boston) and its just never going to be good enough...(mod edit)

remember, the 72 Islanders team was a bunch of cast offs and misfits that no other team wanted and they were truly awful..and look what developed through drafts and seemingly small trades..(mod edit)

unfortunately we now are in an age where free agency is the big thing and money is now the true factor, not allegiance, so we may never see that again on the Island or anywhere for that matter..(mod edit)

I don't think Capuano should be fired..remember last season? Everyone here was yelling "sign him"..and then again look at his team..they were tough and had some vocal guys...the scorers felt protected and therefore played with more of an edge...(mod edit)

Matt Martin, who is the definition of heart to me right now, CANNOT be the only guy on the team looking to try to motivate these guys...where is Haley? Gillies? ANYONE with a little edge or the ability to try to open up the ice a little..not just fight....are they really worse than any 3rd or 4th liner now? (mod edit)

If Mr. Wang is really just playing out his time here because he isn't getting what he wants, but he REALLY would like to keep the team here I would think that MAYBE he should throw all his eggs in one basket, see if he could get some decent players here even if its big big money, put a good team on the ice, get the fans back to the building (I think its AWFUL for the players to have more opposing fans in their building than their own..I actually can't tell when the Isles are home until the goal horn goes off if and when they score! But again I can't blame people for not filling the building) and maybe then he would have a leg to stand on, with full support from many people, to get his new for now, with the exception of the few of us left who remember, and still cling to, the glory days, and judging from a lot of posts on boards all over the internet, not many people, I fear, would care if they left...

(Mod note - I really don't mean to be the grammar police or anything. But that's really tough to read without paragraphs. This also should have gone in another thread, I'll move it there now)

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