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11-20-2011, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by varanger94 View Post
My thoughts completely. You saved me a lot of typing. As bad as the team played, as a viewer, these Refs made watching this game an even bigger nightmare. I hope that Auger( that's pronounced Ohshaa French Canadian style ) and Jackson, enjoyed their Hockey Night in Canada. I can't watch another game in that arena. It's the same thing every time.
Minor penalties last 4 seasons in Montreal before last night:

New York: 39
Montreal: 39

I know it's easy for fans of opposing teams to simply blame the referees every time they lose in Montreal, but the HNIC/Montreal excuse gets comical after a while. What exactly is "the same thing every time", or am I to take it that when you are on the right end of a 9-2 penalty layout, this constitutes "proper" officiating, but when its 39-39 it's an example of you getting screwed in Montreal year after year? Yeah we had more power plays this game because we were skating you into the ice...just like you had us on the back foot in New York for most of that game.

I actually came to the thread to congratulate the Rangers on a great start and thank them for winning me a nice chunk of change the last couple of weeks, but if blaming the HNIC/Montreal boogey man works for you go with it..hear it from Boston and Philly fans every time they lose up here also. Kind of like the myth of the "french canadian" rule that gets thrown around everywhere.

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