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11-20-2011, 12:48 PM
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I'm all for freaking out the little lady a bit as the Market/Frankford line I'm sure is just as luxurious as you remember, but wouldn't the regional rail work just as well for you, if not better?

RR would take you right to Suburban Station, in which you'd then hop on to the Broad street line and go right down to the WFC.

The trolley takes you to 69th street, and you'd still have to sit through a few more stops on the MF line 'til you reach City Hall and get the free change on the Broad street line.

It's your call obviously, but I think time-wise you could be better off just taking the train (check out for times). I'm all about being on time, if not early, when I've got to be at an event with a set start time. Of course you could just leave a bit earlier, but when you're in town for a visit that's just wasted time, no? Then again if your family is as screwy as mine that might be a good thing.

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