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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Having had a chance to review some of the factors involved, I find it difficult to see that Perreault had more impact as a player. Prior to this thread my gut would have had Perreault 50-100 spots ahead on an all-time list but I can't justify that right now.

If anyone else would like to demonstrate the opposite using something other than "I think Perreault looked better" I would definitely consider it.

It's really hard to overcome the fact that Alfie's sens were the weaker team, but much better with Alfie on the ice than the Sabres with perreault. And even more so, that the Sabres' fortunes got worse with Perreault on the ice. (both often had stacked first lines and played the same even strength role, with Alfie having more defensive responsibility thrown in)

There is a real sanctity attached to some of these players who played in that 1970-1995 period and a lot of times other players' careers surpass them quietly; we never pinpoint right when it happens, but it does. Martin St. Louis is clearly superior to Joe Mullen now. Sakic passed Yzerman. Lidstrom passed Robinson and then Potvin (and a lot of guys say Bourque too). Modano ended up with a career as good as or better than Hawerchuk and Savard. And so on. I've noticed it is hard for people who romanticize that era to accept in a lot of cases.
Wow, you really would pick Alfredsson ahead of Perreault! I don't think you would find much support for that no matter how you slice and dice the stats. You probably would pick Sittler ahead of Perreault also. I remember a discussion we had a while back wheras you were saying Sittler was better. Sometimes the eyes tell more than the stats.

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