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Originally Posted by Dosing View Post
What kind of swede are you not having a "maybe" option? ;P

Ignoring nostalgic thinking for a second, to be bigger then foppa in swedish hockey he would 1st, have to get all his fame with the national team and none from his club, be from a small town no one hates, win ****loads of golds and act like it's natural to always play for tre kronor and win gold, simultaneously.
Also he has to look badass and have a noble name like "stjärnsvärd".
Being almost as good of a player as foppa will be enough if he can fulfill all that ^D
Haha.. Well, I'm not really talking of a player that could rival Peter's "legend" or "greatness", just on-ice qualities.

Originally Posted by KRM View Post
Forberg was a unique player, that combined with huge success with Tre Kronor has created an legendary status that will be hard for any player to reach. Lidström IMO has is a superior player, but he will never reach the same status as Forsberg in Sweden. I'm sure we'll see more productive NHL players in just a few years, but the complete package which Forsberg brought to the game? Maybe Landeskog if he could develop his offensive game by a large margin.
Agree with all of that except maybe the part about Lidström if we're talking peak, but I'd have that as a tie. It's pretty hard to judge them against each other since they play different positions. Career-wise, Lidström obviously wins in a landslide though.

The reason that I made this thread is because I've seen it stated as fact a bunch of times, on here and other places, that we will never see a Swedish player as good as Forsberg again. Boustedt I believe even went as far as to call him the most talented player to ever play the game.

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