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11-20-2011, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Where's the overrating? Who here have put St-Denis as any better than our regular top 6? People are just seeing overrating when they want to be. I'm putting St-Denis over Diaz, and not based on potential but based on actual play......and based on the fact that I believe Diaz will become a better player the day the speed goes down and he perfect some of the things he needs to perfect. All sorts of strange evaluations in here. People give some time to adjust to some player and to some, they don't. The guy is solid in his own way and yet he's being overrated? Seriously?

So you've seen him 2 games in the NHL....and how many games in the AHL? And you're already determined that he will never be an NHL'er? Not sure you should focus on people overrating players but mostly people downplaying and already determining if a guy will ever play in the NHL after 2 games....The guy plays small time minutes 'cause it's actually his first 2 NHL games he just played.

Once everybody comes back he's out. Like Diaz will be out. Like Emelin who will be #7 'cause they'll be afraid of losing him, like Weber who will most likely be forward #12 for a while. Strangely, people who happened to cheered for Diaz, Emelin and Weber have not been targeted has overrating those guys, but just be happy for what they provide. And yet, they are all out of a top 6 spot real soon. But we ALL know that Emelin, as great a shot blocker he is, would have needed some AHL time. Real bad. Same with Diaz, while in Weber's case I believe it's more a question of being traded at this point in his career. I believe he thinks he should be top 6 and won't be when Markov, Gill, Spacek and Campoli comes back.
I enjoy your comments. You include your subjective evaluations and how the player fits into the big picture in addition to the stats that everyone uses and interprets to prove their own points of view.

Like you, I can see Weber as a trade candidate. In the big picture, the team has a lot of players with a similar skill set but lacks players with attributes that Weber, Diaz, Campoli, etc cannot provide.

Could St Denis fill the role that Weber currently plays? Of course not. But when Markov and Campoli return, one of those player will probably fill Weber's current role. Could St Denis then fill the role as that extra defenseman who can be called upon when necessary? I think he can.

The thing is that Weber would probably be dissatisfied with a part-time role while St Denis might embrace it.

Should the Canadiens ever move Weber a position on the team St Denis is still a long shot. We have a glut of players who are ahead of him in the pecking order, including Gill and Spacek. That will change next year.

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