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11-20-2011, 05:54 PM
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We haven't had a girl problem on here for a while, my turn!

So, as any story starts it belongs with a girl, a town and a little bit of luck. I will make the story short, however. Met a girl, crazy intelligent. Not a 'thankkkkkkks' texter, but a genuine intelligence that matches mine. She's also in the medicine program and our tests always seem to be in a 2% ~ score. We got along amazingly well, and started to date for a short period of time.

I threw out some of the rulebook with her, gave her a note that said 'I think you're very beautiful', talked very open and genuinely ect. After about 2 weeks she needed to talk, and basically explained how she can't do it. I understand that, but now after 3 days is almost a pseudo-relationship. Because she's the one that basically cancelled it, she's rebooted fine and I'm stuck quazi liking the girl.

I'm thinking I'm stuck in the dreaded 'friend-zone'. So here's my current options I've thought on my own:

a.) Cut her out, it's not worth feeling stupid around the girl (in the non-ling way stupid, but 'why did I bother') and there's so many other girls out there who appreciate my time and energy. It would also help the girl out in the future to appreciate guys who have great value. The downside of this is that it somewhat proves I'm a half ****** and confirms any doubts she had about me.

b.) Stay in the friendzone? It does indeed suck as there's nothing beyond the 'hey, you're a nice guy' mantra. Yet, is it worth riding out for an extended period of time dealing with this girl. If it does work out, that's awesome. She's an incredible personality and I think somewhere in there she does care for me.

So, any thoughts? Any options I am not currently looking at? This is actually the first time something like this has happened to little me, and I'm half excited that I can post some 'HEY HALP ME!' advice on the off-topic area.

Thanks guys, you rock.
From the last thread: Id definitely cut her out, not completely, but enough to where shes wondering what youre doing and who youre with. Ive gone through this soo much lately, because im always the nice guy, but you need it to seem like she likes you more than you like her, even if its the other way around, dont show that cuz then shell know shes got you, They always want you when they cant have you, so make it seem that way, if you do eventually want to win this chick over...... good luck!

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