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11-20-2011, 06:28 PM
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I watch a fair bit of Jays games the past couple of years. Have the baseball package on satellite. It's frustrating following them because I know they are a pitcher or 2 and a bat or 2 away from a legit strong team. Every year they say the budget is not an issue and when they are ready to contend they will spend big money but it will never happen. They've been stroking their fans for years and every year the fans think one year it will happen.

Do they have a chance with Boston/NY and now the pretty tough Rays team? Probably not unless they have a 120-130m budget. It's funny that even the Marlins will probably surpass the jays payroll this year.

I probably wouldn't be as frustrated if there wasn't so much BS from the team's PR dept. Money is no issue (apparantly), but this offseason we will look at the trade route instead of signing a big name FA, I mean, you have to laugh at it some point.

But, since they are the only team left in Canada, and every other team is American, I have no choice but to watch and hope they win. Just wish they'd cough up the bucks and sign some top free agents already.

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