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10-31-2003, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by neelynugs
i thought koltsov71 was the carolina fan. it's really too hard to keep up these days

raycroft will probably play, but i wouldn't be overly shocked if potvin got the call again.

zinovjev is currently the 2nd line center, with samsonov and lapointe on his wings. he played an excellent game against montreal thursday night.

not a surprise about fleury...looking forward to seeing him play, and then lighting him up like a christmas tree :moon:
Were you watching the same game I was? I thought the Zinovjev did not play well. He had zero points (like all his teamates). But he also failed to pass the puck when he was hemmed in and and had the chance on several occasions.

It appears to me the Sergei II still has that European rink mentality, i.e. he has all the time he wants to make a play, and, for that reason, holds onto the puck too long. I hope he responds to what surely will be instructions from Sully, Cash, Sergei I et al.

On the goalie point, I don't see how Sully can take The Cat out after two consecutive shutouts.

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