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11-20-2011, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by THE HOFF View Post
if hockey was a game of stats, we'd know in advance who would win it in the end. Its meaningfull to point out his production... but there is something gionta does and does ''elite'' well ... and that is finish.

The best center for gionta ? I will dare to say Eller. Not that Eller is some kind of genious ... well he may be ... but more because of all our centers... he's the one who has the best skills to create a play from nothing and set up a winger on a golden plate. He is one center who draws attention to himself before making the decisive pass , which means... they are imo, naturally complementary.

Gomez ... well what he does is too obvious and with the speed he has... its almost ironic. He should be able to keep oponents on their toes ... and if he does that (being a threat himself) ... he'll draw closer coverage... which means more openings for passes...which he is phenomenal at.

gionta is a goal scorer ... that's why he shoots more at the net... because he knows he has a chance of putting it in. What was described as a weak point here is actually a quality. Who was our best goalscorer last year ?

Gionta is also the best defensive winger of the scorers which makes him a natural candidate for Plekanec's line which almost always gets the tough assignment.

However if he doesn't play there (certainly one of Cole or Kostitsyn is also acceptable for Plekanec's RW) and Gomez is on the way out, Eller and Gionta is a also a decent combination, a relatively strong defensive pairing to form a second matchup line and offensively a combination of a pure shooter with a playmaker that with the strong territorial game to set up Gionta for his volume shooting style.

The one center Gionta isn't likely to play much with is Desharnais, who is pretty much pure offense at this point and isn't likely to be used in the two-way role where Gionta is most useful.

The point of stats isn't to predict everything, the game is far too random for that. The point is get some idea of what is known and what general trend is and to avoid believing things that can be shown to be empirically to be foolish or unfounded. The main promise of empiricism is not to be entirely right but to be less wrong.

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