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Originally Posted by pappyline View Post
Wow, you really would pick Alfredsson ahead of Perreault! I don't think you would find much support for that no matter how you slice and dice the stats. You probably would pick Sittler ahead of Perreault also. I remember a discussion we had a while back wheras you were saying Sittler was better. Sometimes the eyes tell more than the stats.
You keep saying that I thought Sittler was better. I corrected you on this once before.

The post you are thinking of is here:

I put Sittler way down in the 4th category called "the debatables". After eliminating five of those names for various reasons, Hawerchuk and Sittler were the last two guys left who appeared to deliver comparable value relative to era.

This is not "saying Sittler was better".

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Trust your gut, I say. Besides, how did Alfredsson have more of an impact as a player than Perreault? There is no way Alfredsson stood out more against his peers than Perreault. Throw stats out the window, this is the classic eye test and the NHL culture at the time. Perreault would have religiously been a top 10 player in the game in his prime. Alfredsson, not so much
Because he looked good doing it. I care about results, don't you?

I've thrown things together like Hart trophy finishes, scoring race finishes and even the competition at the top end. I threw in the eye test, the explosiveness of the player and the impact they made on the ice, Perreault wins every time. What more do you need?
How are "the eye test, the explosiveness of the player and the impact they made on the ice" quantifiable in any way? Couldn't I just say the same for Alfredsson and be just as "right"?

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
That GF/GA ratio of Perreault's is certainly an anomoly that needs further explaining. One thing that I do disagree with though - while Alfredsson was often the offensive catalyst of his line, he wasn't always - he did have those very good years with Spezza and Heatley, who were at least as good offensively as he was.
I wouldn't say "at least as" - but yes, for four years Alfie had linemates who were about as strong as him offensively:

Perreault outscored his linemates by higher degrees in his prime. Alfredsson didn't exactly have the best linemates before 2006 or after 2009; overall, this may still be a wash.

Something definitely needs to be said for the fact that Perreault was the type of player who excelled on larger ice - he was a fantastic scorer in international tournaments, and is one of the only stars in history to put up more points on the road than at home (almost certainly due to the fact that Buffalo had a smaller rink than most teams).
I agree, that is good for him, but also, that's a rather small sample size compared to his NHL career.

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