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11-21-2011, 04:16 AM
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20 goals, 25 goals, 30 goals...doesn't matter to me (it's all good!).

As long as he stays healthy and keeps his head up like he has been (good for him and our Habs) and continues playing the way he does. He palyed so risky in the beginning of his NHL career (kept getting killed along the boards...I don't really see that now...great adjustment).

Most important...for him to stay healthy for the entire playoffs (I know, let's make it first). It's actually amazing that he is playing so well especially after what Chara pulled on him (almost killed him).'s all about his health (so glad he's healthy and playing the way he does...that's what we should be so happy about, imo). So glad he is having a great season and Chara didn't ruin him.

I still hate Chara so much (hate is a cute word for how I really feel about Chara and his *swear word* ogre face...I'm sure his wife married him for his $$$$ and not his *bad word* face, there's no doubt about it). I want to write more about how much I despise Chara and how he could have ruined our Pacioretty, but I don't want to get suspended!

Go Pacioretty Go!! (keep keeping your head up and stay healthy)

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