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11-21-2011, 04:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
It's funny here just seems like you're not allowed expressing yourself against Markov yet many booed Patrick Roy out of town and he helped (pro-Roy or not) our Habs get 2 Cups ('86 and '93) and get to 1 Cup Finals ('89). The attitude here is ''it's ok to bash Gomez 24hrs a day but leave Markov alone since he's the best!!'' (totally disagree). Best? #1 at being the most injury prone Habs dman and disppointing patient/loyal Hab fans? Yes. He's the best at that.

IF we ever win a Cup it'll be because of Price, Subban, Gorges, Plekanec's two-way play (not injury prone like Markov), and we can't forget Halak's performance as well in the past, and many more, etc... I've never seen any guts and heart from Markov in playoffs, never. So why are we waiting for him? (false hope? and I hope I'm wrong 'cause we're stuck with Markov's salary for another 2 1/2 seasons).

Markov did not sleep with my wife/girlfriend and he did not kick my dog/cat/hamster/chipmunk,etc...just expressing myself since I believe we're not getting anything from Markov. Anyways...he's too busy collecting his paychecks and counting his $$$$ every week to sleep with anyone's wife or kick anyone's dog.

''Markov is so useful to our Habs'': how can he be useful when it's been 3 seasons that he is not helping our Habs?! Useful?! Useless.

''Not your $$$$, insurance covers most of it'' (none of us are really sure of how much insurance covers?): Hab fans are paying Markov's salary (in one way or another) with ticket sales, beer prices, jersey sales, etc... No Hab fans spending lots of $$$$$$$ = no salary for Markov. 21,273 fans every game have the right to see Markov instead of having to hear Markov say to the media ''next question, next question''.

''No one remembers how great Markov is and how useful he is to our people forget,etc,etc'': He is not useful since he's always injured so he's actually useless, and now I believe he's approaching damaged goods territory (I want to be wrong). And I do remember him very well...cerebral style (poor man's version of Lidstrom except Lidstrom is an iron-man compared to ''FRAGILE'' Markov) and one of the best outlet passes in the NHL and great for the PP (obviously), but with a VERY VERY injury prone body (has never learned how to get ready for bodychecks the way Subban and Gorges can... Markov is way too easy a target for injuries (doesn't know how to protect himself and never learned how a sitting duck out there...this is part of why I dislike him). Last but not least, I question his heart in... playoffs. (in a huge way...never saw results from him in playoffs...never).

Markov should retire (not collect the $5,75mil/year anymore...just fooling management and us Hab fans) and we can move on and find a solid top 3-4 dman who is not known for being injury prone delicate/fragile and that doesn't know how to prepare for taking bodychecks or avoiding them).

Patience: I have lots of patience and optimism towards all or most Hab players + prospects (incl. Gomez, ex-Bouillon), but with Markov...I feel like we're just getting scammed by him. Play (and play well especially in playoffs) or retire so we can move on (no more false hope, no more 5,75mil/year tied down to damaged goods).

And patience? Markov lost patience when he was asked for the first time in such a long time about time-frame (you could tell he was pissed off and bitter and for one very normal question). And I'm supposed to have patience. He's the one collecting $5,75mil/year, not me. Give me his salary and I'll give you lots of of patience! and a large wide smile (unlike always-sad/depressed Markov).

Let's not do this every season (been 3 seasons now)...before next season Markov has to be fair to our Habs and retire (play and play well and not just 10-20 games to get re-injured AGAIN and AGAIN or...RETIRE...stop collecting $$$$ from the Habs organization while giving nothing back...).

I hope I'm wrong about Markov being here for the money (entire body is damaged goods and never did anything for our Habs in playoffs...he's a sitting duck out there, imo).

Go Markov Go (prove some Hab fans wrong about your true desire and fragile body...not even sure if he cares about Hab fans the way Gorges does).
how do you really feel about markov's contract?

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