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11-21-2011, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by wadesworld View Post
As I said, mostly, Klein has been much better this year.

Suter proves his worth time and time again with solid play every night. For every 1 play he could have done better, he's got 20 plays that he played perfectly.

Suter had no chance to do anything different on the goal by Carter. The turnover put him into a bad spot.

Klein's positioning on the tap in rebound was horrible. He allowed the Columbus player to stand right by the crease, below him, and when the rebound popped out, Klein was too far away to do anything about it.

On the overtime shot, it was off the face off, so it's not like Klein was forced into a bad position. He could either move out of the shooting lane, skate forward to challenge the shot, or block the shot. What he did was stand in the shooting lane and then flinch out of the way when the puck came. Rinne couldn't see the shot and Klein failed to block it.

To be fair, it looked like Rinne's positioning was a bit bad too. He didn't move quite far enough to his right.

I like every player on this team. I don't hate Klein and I don't think he's the worst D-man in the league. In fact, I think he's played much better this year than last year. But, he could have made far better plays on those two plays.
Remember, he took a shot shortly before Prospal scores the second goal. He was a bit dazed from it. Might want to cut a guy some slack after being slightly injured on the play. Just saying.

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