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11-21-2011, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
Are you Hitler? Forcing kids to play sports is silly. What you need to do is help the kids who do want to play hockey be successful. Forcing them to play hockey is a good way to permanently kill interest in hockey.
I'm guessing his point is that hockey should be taught as part of a PE cirriculum. Which it should (along with other sports of course). It's not about making kids play hockey but exposing them to the game and having fun. I play with several people who don't actually like the NHL that much, but enjoy playing. Plus teaching kids to skate is a good tool for exercising in a province with long winters.

You seem to care a lot about Quebec players for someone from London. Besides, we want kids to have fun and move, we don't see them becoming pro as 12 years old teenagers.
I'm sure plenty of them would have fun playing hockey, but there seems to be a lack of support judging by some of the criticisms of Hockey Quebec.

The reason I care about Quebec players is I'm a Canadiens fan and I'm kind of a Quebecophile, I want to see Quebec players succeeding, especially in the b-b-r.

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