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11-21-2005, 11:54 AM
Old Hickory
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Originally Posted by KING ELVI
Concur. You have to wonder why Burke is/was highly thought of as a gm. He signed 15 enforcers, resigned a fossil, and put the scoring of the shoulders of 22 yr olds.
D.A.R.E and I had this discussion at length once and pretty much came to the conclusion that he is a likeable guy and says all the right things to the media. A few guys in sports are in this situation. Another guy is Norv Turner. Awful coach, yet the media always reminds us what a good guy and good coach Norv Turner is and we always hear about "Norv Turners offense". Of course, when it doesn't work it's always the player fault and not Norv's.
He made Hartford a worse team, he gravy trained off of Keenan's hard work in Vancouver (just like Pleau did in St Louis) and actually made them worse in the long run.