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11-21-2011, 07:51 AM
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I had to go with Other because I really think the main thing we need is to get healthy.

Compared to the current playing roster, I would say we need an extra solid scoring winger. I actually think AK can be that guy. I would like a guy that can be more aggressive and drop them on the 4th line. White I think can do that (he can't drop them with say Thornton, but he's also better at hockey than most goons). We clearly lack something on defense to reassure me, but if everyone was healthy I would think our D is actually quite solid. And as much as I would like another coach at times, I actually think that what JM managed to do with the amount of injuries we got is good, I can't seriously blame coaching overall. But I wouldn't mind a change, I just don't think it's a 'need'.

I can't call stuff like 'getting rid of Gomez' a need either, all you would have to do is bench him if he's hurting the team. He's not really (although I wish we can keep Eller at center...).

Maybe a 4th line center that is dominant at face-offs and can fight would be what I think we lack the most if healthy, or a #2 D. Obviously you could upgrade any position by a super-star player and it would be better (as much as I like DD this year and think that he's doing his role fine, if we could get a top 10 center with size I'd take it...), but I don't think our healthy line-up has any glaring need. But we NEVER have a freaking healthy line-up...

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