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11-21-2011, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
I am sorry but this remark is very xenophobe. Imagine if someone were to mention how St-Denis talks during his english interviews or Weber when he speaks english. Man these kind of things get me really upset. OK we get it you don't like Markov, so you figure you will make him look worse beacuse he can't speak english very well. By the way he is a CANADIAN citizen just like you.

I'll delete it before others write the same thing. I'm not a xenophobe, I'm perfect just like everyone else (never had a racist thought in my life, never... just like everyone else here I'm perfect). If it makes you feel better I have some Eastern European blood in me!! I'm born in Montreal, speak fluent english and french...I have friends that are half french or english, full french/english, perfectly bilingual,etc, friends of many different nationalities... I wasn't going there (xenophobia)...went there by mistake (and since I'm not a professional comedian it's a faux pas). I'll remove that part before I get suspended or placed in an electric chair.

I wasn't trying to make Markov look worse by quoting a fictional sentence of his was all a huge accident, not intentional. As long as they players can do what they're paid to our Habs (or put effort) I'm a happy Hab fan. Proof: I don't bash Gomez...I'm remaining patient and positive. Why? He's there and I'm sure he's trying...and he does show up for playoffs and plays well. We're better with him (ex: more options at center ; lots of playoff experience).

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