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11-21-2011, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
I'll delete it before others write the same thing. I'm not a xenophobe, I'm perfect just like everyone else (never had a racist thought in my life, never... just like everyone else here I'm perfect). If it makes you feel better I have some Eastern European blood in me!! (I'm born in Montreal, speak perfect (or sort of!) english and french...I have friends that are half french or english, full french/english, perfectly bilingual,etc, and all kinds of nationalities... I wasn't going there (xenophobia)...went there by accident (and since I'm not a professional comedian it's a faux pas). I'll remove that part before I get suspended or placed in an electric chair.

I wasn't trying to make Markov look worse by quoting a fictional sentence of his was all a huge accident, not intentional. As long as they players can do what they're paid to our Habs I'm a happy Hab fan. Proof: I don't bash Gomez...I'm remainin patient and positive. Why? He's there and I'm sure he's trying...and he does show up for playoffs and plays well.

Wow! gotta really watch what I write now!! so many politically correct policemen out here!! (I'm such a trouble maker all of a sudden! I feel like Matt Dillon's character in that ''greaser'' movie...forget the title).

You know what's funny?! You can call Plekanec or Eller a gangster out here but you can't quote a Russian player by trying to add a Russian accent. I'll be careful from now on. Here you go...''Markov is such a gangster who likes to listen to gangster rap...isn't that cool, man!'' (there for all those who like to compare Eller and Plekanec to gangsters! now Markov is a gangster too, so rad or whatever teenagers say today).
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