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11-21-2011, 10:33 AM
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I said I'd do both, but I think I would need more information really to adequately make the choice. On paper, I'd probably do it, but maybe not Richards. And I think I would do Carter regardless. But the Richards trade I am not 100% sure on without more information. For instance:

Was he really a good leader? We really only have reports from reporters and some somewhat evasive comments from former teammates that suggest he wasn't a good leader, but as fans we really don't know exactly how much of a leader he was/is.

Was there really that much partying going on? Is this overblown by the media or was it really an issue?

Was there really a rift in the locker room? Its hard to tell if Pronger, Kimmo, and other players didn't really like him or his attitude just going by media reports and former teammate comments.

What effect would no Carter have on him? Maybe Richards would have felt betrayed or something or been mopey or disgruntled without Carter.

The actual answers (i.e. not media speculation or comments from Homer, who IMO would be unlikely to come out and say if these issues really were there) to those questions would be helpful. If the media speculation is true about those things, I'd make the trade. If they weren't, I might not pull the trigger. Richards was my favorite player and his on ice product seemed solid to me. But if there really were unfortunate behind the scenes issues, it may be better to cut him lose. I think Schenn will turn out to be a comparable player to Richards, plus Simmonds and a pick is a solid return. I don't Schenn will be better, and maybe not even as good, but he will be comparable I think. Tough call on Richards.

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