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11-21-2011, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Kiss The Ring View Post
Barch easily won that fight when he switched to lefts and dropped Clowe to the ice.
Obviously you were watching a different fight. Clowe landed more punches, but Barch finished stronger. Dropped? He lost his balance..I guess you didn't see him get right back up ready to fight again..

Originally Posted by Sony Eriksson View Post
Your username makes you impervious to rational thinking. Clowe lost that fight without a doubt! I just can't believe he lost to Barch...
Oh please, the fact that Barch is being said to have "dropped" Clowe and win that fight by a huge majority is ridiculous. I watched that fight, and it was close, very close. Clowe and Barch did not get hurt. Clowe landed more punches while Barch finished with a few himself while Clowe lost his balance. It was not "easily Barch" just like it isn't "easy Clowe", but i would give Clowe the edge because he connected with more and had more control.

btw, this was like a minute left in the game where Barch picked a fight with Clowe, who obviously is tired, where as Barch had 5 minutes of ice time that whole game.

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