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11-21-2005, 01:44 PM
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Good News Bad News (injuries!)

Desjardins and Kapanen Close to Return; Savage and Seidenberg Out

Voorhees, NJ It was a good news-bad news day at the Sovereign Bank Flyers Skate Zone, as Sami Kapanen and Eric Desjardins could be in the lineup as soon as Tuesday when the Flyers face the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately, however, Dennis Seidenberg and Brian Savage will be out of the lineup with a broken wrist and a sprained knee, respectively.

The Flyers also got a scare when rookie center Mike Richards fell awkwardly into the boards during the skate and had to leave after jamming his right wrist. Richards, however, saw the doctor and his x-rays came back negative and he is probable for Tuesdays game.

Flyers Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin updated the media about the injured players following Mondays practice.

On Mike Richards:
Jim McCrossin: I just spoke with the doctors, and the X-rays right now are negative. Right now, its a sprain. Dr. [Bill] DeLong looked at it and said that everything checked out and hes able to play tomorrow.

Right now were anticipating that he can play. If he wakes up and hes in excruciating pain, Ill send him over for a bone scan and that can all change, but at this point, weve got approval that he can play.
Sami Kapanen could return to the lineup as early as Tuesday against Tampa Bay

On Sami Kapanen:
JM: Im bringing Sami over to see Dr. Peter DeLuca today. It will be nine weeks tomorrow, and you see him out there. Hes ready to go, but the only concern we have is the integrity of the repair. His strength and endurance in his shoulder is looking great. All of his testing he passed two weeks ago, so hes just been biting at the bit ready to go. Were hoping that he gets cleared for tomorrow, but thats up to Dr. DeLuca. What am I anticipating? I think hell be cleared for tomorrow or when we play Friday against Boston.

On Eric Desjardins:
JM: Eric was cleared to go ahead with contact for today. Over the past couple days hes been feeling great. He has to go see Dr. Gerri McGuinness for the neuro-psyche test. He will do his baseline testing again and after that hell go see Dr. [Gary] Dorshimer and if everything goes well hell be back in the lineup tomorrow.

On Dennis Seidenberg:
JM: I just spoke with our team hand specialist Dr. Tom Graham. Midway in the third period Dennis took a slash in Pittsburgh. We brought him back here and had him seen by our doctor, and Dr. DeLong wanted to have an x-ray taken. We had that done early this morning, and it showed that he broke off a (bone) in his right hand. We sent the x-rays down to Dr. Graham and hes going to perform surgery. What its going to require is just a small pin being placed in there. By pinning it, the time out is going to be about two-to-three weeks.

On Keith Primeau:
JM: Hes in the building today. Over the past couple of days hes been building up his cycling. Hes not ready to go back and get tested at this point. Right now, today his head was clear of pressure, and as he would say hes symptom free, which is good. After biking a little bit, he washow can you say ithe calls it busy eyes. There may have been a little spinning. He stopped for a couple minutes, went back and finished his bike ride. He was up to 30 minutes today biking.

What were looking at now, and Keith will agree with this, is that were having bigger blocks of time where hes symptom free. So, what does that mean? With head injuries, it doesnt really mean anything. Were just going to take it one day at a time and progress him nice and slow. Tomorrow were going to get on the light board and start allowing him to do eye-tracking to see if hes able to start doing that. If hes able to do that, its a plus for us.

On Brian Savage:
JM: He has a grade one MCL sprain of his knee. Id say 10-to-14 days is accurate.


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