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11-21-2005, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MightyAdam
what you have to understand is that the Ducks have been getting their chances... A team that has been outshooting their opponents usually does not have to worry about their offense. The only reason it looks that way is because they do not have the goals to prove it.

There was a point last week where the Ducks had three straight games of 40 shots or more, and they still lost the games. So, maybe Marchant is just the guy the Ducks need. Adding another top scorer would maybe just produce more shots on goals, without finishing. If you remember, Federov is a top scorer, and he had yet to procuce a goal before getting traded.

What the Ducks need now is chemistry. And I can't wait to see how everybody reacts when starting with tomorrow's game, the Ducks go on a 10 game winning streak and move into first by Christmas. Then, Burke will truly look like a genius. Marchant is one of the BEST penalty killers in the league. The Ducks have been tearing it up 5 on 5, but most of their problems have been coming on killing their penalties. If they have just solved a big part of that with Marchant, they should start to do real well.

And if you look at their upcoming schedule, with the list of teams they are playing are not too good, this is the perfect time to get their confidence and go on a winning streak...with a new face on the team. Can't wait til tomorrow's game.

NOTE: Marchant is thought by some to be like an Eric Belanger type of player, but one who can chip in a few more goals and is better on the PK. Any Kings fan out there who wouldn't want Eric Belanger on your team?
An interesting perspective, but not necessarily an ideal one.

I don't look at it as they've had trouble killing penalties, they sholdn't be taking all the penalties they have been. Last night was a great example. They knew early on the refs were going to call it tight (taking runs at goalies will guarantee that) yet they kept up the penalty parade all evening long. A few calls were bogus - most were legit.

Look at the Ducks record when they play teams with a record over .500 and that'll give you a better idea of why many of us think they aren't going anywhere soon. If all you have to bank on is trying to get points from sub-par teams... look out. The Ducks have lost to St. Louis, Chicago and Phoenix.

You can NEVER have enough scoring depth on a team. To imply that Marchant will be better for this team than Fedorov is not a sound implication. This team needs to score goals. 15 goals in the last 8 games won't get the job done in the "new" NHL.

The Ducks traded away a top-line NHL all-star center for (your words) Eric Belanger. The traded away their team captain for a goon. Not my idea of improving chemistry, but who knows - you may be right on the money.

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