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11-21-2011, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by kasper11 View Post
Wang did spend money. He spent a ton of money on this team. Maybe the payroll was never very high, but until the lease was redone a couple of years ago, he was losing millions annually (not the 20M+ he claims, but I believe it was 5-10M a year according to Forbes. I don't have a link).

I think Wang has done a lot wrong for this team, but people don't seem to remember the state of the team that he bought. The Isles payroll jumped from $18M, lowest in the league, the year before Wang took over to $40M, 14th highest, the year before the lockout. This was before there was a minimum cap. That $40M was nearly double what some teams were spending.

He spent money, just not very well. And guess how much attendance increased during that period? Not at all. It actually dropped.

Wang has faults, most notably his refusal to fire MM, hiring Snow, the DP contract, etc., but Isles fans have to have a very short memory to fault him for not spending.
Spend to get public approval for the LHP? He did. Gut payroll when things go sour? He did.

Spend to the cap minimum? We're waiting for that to happen.

I don't fault him for spending......I fault him for being a total, incompetent, disinterested charlatan meglomaniac who will spend money to prove he will, not to prove he wants to win.

How much have we spent on coaching, management, scouting, etc.? His only expenses are shallow attempts to prove he'll spend. Meanwhile, if Rick goes down and Rolston is scratched, our payroll is $25M or so.

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