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Originally Posted by funky View Post
Just wondering which of our positions you believe are being filled by players that are:

1. Suited to play that position
2. You would be comfortable going into the playoffs with that player in the position
3. you would want that player back next year in that position
4. Salary for the player fits the position
5. something I may have overlooked that you can add.

1C = Kopitar - Yes
2C = Richards - Yes
3C = Stoll - NO - on paper yes, but expensive, and not a shutdown guy
4C = Lewis - NO - would love a big body Handzus type, allow 3C to be offensive

1RW = Williams - Yes
2RW = Brown - Yes
3RW = No - we currently have no player on roster that fills this spot
4RW = Westy/ Richie - Yes

1LW = Gagne - Yes
2LW = Penner - NO - should be, but not
3LW = No - we currently have no player on roster that fills this spot
4LW = Moraeu/ Cliffy - Yes

Defence as a whole from 1 to 8 is Solid -Yes
Goaltending - very solid -Yes

Head Coach - No - can not adapt within games, stratagies are easy to disect. Not playing to the players strengths

G.M - Yes - Has built a very solid core, stocked the cupboards and set the team up for the future. Saying this now he has to prove he can go out and get something the team needs when it counts

Therefor in my mind we need in this order

1. Coaching change
2. New 2LW - although a coaching change may be what Penner needs
3. third line wingers - I would leave Lokti as 3C, trade Stoll and Martinez for these
I agree with everything but Coaching and GM. Both NO to them.

How many Coaching changes does Dean get? Part of being a Good GM is hiring a good coach.

Think of it this way. If Terry Murray gets fired after this year, The Kings will have their Third Coach in Six years....... Think about that for a minute. When does the GM get held accountable?
It's Unfortunate that Terry, is exactly the Coach Dean Wants.

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